Track My Order

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How delivery tracking works

For orders that have a valid tracking number, Shop provides you with delivery updates along the way, which are based on carrier information.

All of the orders that you’re tracking with Shop are listed on the home tab. Shop can locate and track orders automatically in the following situations:

  • When you connect a Gmail or Outlook, such as and, address to Shop, the app locates orders based on your emails.
  • When you connect any email address or phone number to Shop that’s also associated with Shop Pay, the app locates orders from Shopify stores based on your account information.

If you use a non-Gmail account, then you can also manually add tracking information. When you sign in with Apple instead of a Gmail or Outlook account, you need to manually add tracking information to Shop.

Order sources

Using the shop app, you can automatically track your orders using the following order sources:

  • Gmail
  • Outlook, such as and
  • Amazon

Tracking deliveries with a Gmail or Outlook account

After you connect a Gmail or Outlook account to Shop, the app automatically scans for emails with keywords such as “tracking number” and “track your package” to find deliveries. When Shop finds a new tracking number, the delivery appears in the home section of the app where you receive shipping updates.

Shop uses order and delivery information to provide as much detail as possible about your orders. When you connect your Gmail or Outlook email address to Shop, you need to grant the app permission to read tracking information about orders in your email. Shop doesn’t have the ability to create emails from your account. Shop uses automatic filtering in Gmail or Outlook to match keywords like, “tracking number” and, “track your package”.

If one of your deliveries isn’t showing up automatically, then it could be because we had issues tracking it on our end. You can search for the related email from Shop to locate the tracking information and automatically report an issue to our team so that we can investigate. You can also add the related order tracking information to Shop manually.

Tracking deliveries with Amazon

To track information from your Amazon orders, you need to log in to Amazon using the Shop app and give Shop permission to access your tracking information.

Add delivery tracking information manually

You can add tracking information for any deliveries, so that you can keep track of all of your deliveries from Shop.

You need to locate the tracking information for a delivery that you want to track so that you can add it to Shop. Tracking information for online orders can usually be found in the order confirmation step of checkout, in an order confirmation email, or from your customer account for a store.


  1. From the home tab in Shop, tap the + button.
  2. Enter the order’s tracking number, and then enter the shipping carrier and order name.
  3. Tap Add package to start tracking the delivery.

You can edit tracking information for orders that you add to Shop.

View your deliveries in Shop

You can view your deliveries from the home tab. Tap any order to see more details and track the delivery in real-time.

Tracking updates might be shown in a different time zone because they're based on your delivery's location at the time of the update.

Archive an order

View archived orders anytime, in the Archived list on your profile tab. You can archive an order so that it doesn’t appear in your home tab.


  1. From the home tab in Shop, swipe left on an order.
  2. Tap Archive.

Delete an order

You can delete an order to remove it from Shop. You can’t recover an order once it’s deleted.


  1. From the home tab in Shop, swipe left on an order.
  2. Tap ... More.
  3. Tap Delete Order, and tap Delete to confirm.

Mark an order as delivered

If the carrier didn’t mark your order as delivered, then you can mark it as delivered.


  1. From the home tab in Shop, swipe left on the order.
  2. Tap Mark as delivered. You will no longer receive updates for this order, and can also choose to archive or delete it from Shop.

If you mark an order as delivered before it arrives, then your delivery will still come. You can unmark it as delivered by swiping left on the order, and tapping … More, and then Unmark as delivered.


  1. From the home tab in Shop, swipe left on the order you wish to unmark.
  2. Tap … More, and tap Unmark as delivered.

Edit an order in the Shop app

You can edit or add some information to your orders. If you add an order manually or import it from Gmail or Outlook, and it hasn’t yet been delivered, then you can edit the package name, tracking number, and carrier. If you add an order automatically and it hasn’t yet been delivered, then you can edit the order name.

Once an order has been delivered, only the package name can be edited.


  1. From the home tab in Shop, tap an order.
  2. Tap , then Edit package.
  3. Update your order details, and tap Update package.

Order inquiries

Do you have questions about an order you’re tracking with Shop? You can contact the carrier or the store directly for help.

Contact an online store

If you have any questions or concerns about an order, then you can contact the store directly for help.


  1. From the home tab in Shop, tap an order.
  2. Scroll down to the store’s profile, and click Contact.
  3. Tap Email to contact the retailer right away, or Copy email address to save it to your clipboard for later.

You can also contact a store by replying to an order confirmation email. Or, you can use contact information listed on their website or social media platforms.

Contact a carrier

For orders that have tracking information and are currently in transit, you can contact the carrier for more information about the delivery.


  1. From the home tab in Shop, tap an order.
  2. Tap Show details underneath your order tracking.
  3. Tap Contact next to the carrier name. You’ll have the option to contact the carrier, or visit the carrier website.

Reporting non-delivery of an order

If you haven’t received your order after 30 days, and the store hasn’t responded to your inquiries, then you can report the non-delivery of your order.


  1. From the shops tab, tap on the logo for the store that you purchased from.
  2. Tap , and then tap Report inappropriate content.
  3. Tap Report to proceed.
  4. From the drop down menu, select Non-Delivery of Product.
  5. Enter your contact information, the store and order details, and your electronic signature.
  6. Tap Submit. Please submit a report only once.

Each case is investigated, and the store owner is also notified. We might contact you to gather more information, but we won’t provide the results of an investigation. According to our Privacy Policy, we can’t release any information about a store that isn’t already publicly shared.

Store owners are responsible for helping customers with their orders. Shop support can’t provide detailed assistance with an order, or a refund. You can contact your bank or payment provider to ask about options for your payment.