Discount Code Faq


Are shipping Codes stackable:

You may use one discount code per purchase, discount codes do not stack. If you have a 10% off discount, they can not also use a "free shipping" coupon. Only one discount at a time can apply to a single order. The best thing to do will be to use the codes individually and see which one saves you more money.

Why is my discount code not working?: 

One of the many reasons why the code may not work is that you are not typing it correctly. You will immediately get an “invalid code” alert on the screen. But if you are using the code directly from your email and it is still not working, it means the validity of the code has expired. Most of the premium promo codes like "FREESHIPPING100" come with an expiry date, are limited one per customer, or are only available to the select group of customers who signed up for emailing. 

I used my "FREESHIPPING" code to choose faster shipping such as :

  • DHL shipping: 3-5 business days


  • USPS shipping: 5-9 business days 

A free shipping code (UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE)

Offers free basic shipping, regardless of which shipping preference you may have chosen. Free basic shipping is as follows

  • Yanwen Special Line 7 - 15 Days

All shipping methods have a 5 - 7 Business day Processing time that does not include weekends or holidays. Processing times (may) be extended up to an additional 5-10 business days during holiday seasons beginning in October and ending in December, as our logistics team ships from overseas.

If you wish to upgrade your shipping from Yanwen Special Line please remove the discount code and pay for your preferred shipping method.

What types of discounts are available, how can I access them?

One of the most frequently asked questions is what coupons are available and how you can access them.

There are Six different discount categories:

Flat discount: Flat discount offers a set amount that will be discounted from your final cost. This can be represented as $25 off of a total purchase depending on the stated discount that coincides with the discount code. For example $25 off a order totalling $100 would mean you will receive a discount of $25 leaving the remaining amount of $75 to be paid by the consumer. 

 Percentage discount: A percent discount is represented by a percent less than 100 that is discounted from your total order. For example, If you receive a 25% off discount, this will be discounted from the total cost that is represented as 100%, leaving you the customer to pay the remaining 75% of the cost. 

BOGO:  There are also offers that provide you with free gifts. Buying a Leisure set that has been marked as BOGO offers the consumer a free gift in the same category of equal or lesser value. these are generally sent vial email and will contain details of how to utilize the specific discount.

Free Shipping, Free expedited Shipping, Free Ship Vip: 

  • Free shipping: At sign up each customer is granted a Free Shipping Code to use for there first order. Free shipping codes unless stated otherwise offer Free basic Shipping, this means the most affordable shipping option will be given to you at no extra cost. If you choose to use this code, please know we can not upgrade your shipping. In order to upgrade your shipping you will need to remove the code and pay for the preferred shipping method. 
  • Free Shipping Expedited:  When receiving a free shipping expedited code, you can expect to receive the next step up in shipping cost. for example: Free shipping would give you basic free shipping, where as free shipping expedited will offer you usps shipping. 
  • Free Ship VIP: This is our most coveted shipping code option and is generally gifted on Birthdays or after x amount of purchases as a reward for preferred customers. This option offers you Free DHL shipping.
What is the meaning of Preferred customer?

"a customer who pays a company a lower price for goods or services than other customers, because they regularly buy from that company"
Gift cards: We not only sell gift cards, but we at times give gift cards as gifts to the customer for birthdays, holidays, frequent purchase rewards etc. 
A gift card purchased just as a gift card given as a gift by us may be used as you see fit on our website for the purchase of items amounting to the total available on the gift card. once the gift card is used it holds no further value. Gift cards can not be exchanged for cash value. 
How to access discount codes: The easiest way to access discount codes is to join our mailing list. When you make your first order, or when you sign up for our emailing list, you will begin to receive service messages from our business in the form of emails and text. emails and text often include information about special sales, discount codes, or special rewards.