About Us

About Us

Hey dolls,

Our journey started a year ago. I was online shopping, which you would expect to be completely convenient and come with ease; but even with all the many online store brands available, I was still having trouble consistently finding my own personal taste in clothing. Here and there I would get lucky if something I liked was in season, but hardly ever did I find more than one or two things I wanted. Even with the ever growing industry of technology, somehow my choices were still being limited by the people who were walking the runway, and the popular personas who established our everchanging trends.

  • But where was what I wanted?
  • why wasn't there a company that consistently designed for those of us who loved " consistency" ?
  • And if there was, why couldn't I find it?..

Also why does consistency in style have to eventually lean towards out of style, and in a world full of people who constantly speak on self love and embracing who they were, why did everyone still somehow want to dress the same.I knew i didn't. I loved me, and I wanted to embrace my love of retro femininity , and I didn't want to have to conform to others taste and pretend to like all the latest trends. I liked what I liked! But for the life of me, I couldn't ever actually find what I liked.
So I started a journey to source consistently Comfortable, yet classy and retro yet modern taste; so that I could then share with others who like myself don't care to live on a constantly moving trend line. Because although street fashion is great, the real question is how are you gonna stand out in a room full of people who all choose to look the same?

Then came the BodyGoddess. A fashionable representation of the queen who loved herself enough not to care if she was on trend. Embrace yourself, #TheBodyGoddessCo